Citizens Salute is a community initiative of LASSIB Society to reach out to those sections of the society who are in need of help. Through Citizens Salute, we support families of slain soldiers to ensure that they not only survive the tragic loss, but come out of it stronger and ready to take up the challenges of the real world. In this context, LASSIB Society works with the family to:

  • Ensure that the education of the children of slain soldiers progresses till they are ready to stand on their own feet
  • Counsel the family, especially the children to ensure that study well and can create a future of their own
  • Counsel and educate the wife of the soldier to ensure she understands her rights and position in the society, and enable to her to stand as the pillar of support for the entire family

In addition, we support the families of children with critical ailments to get them the right medical assistance. This involves both financial assistance and guidance to understand the condition of the child, the medical options available and their right to information. LASSIB Society is willing to take up more initiatives under its umbrella of Citizens Salute, to ensure that we can help provide support and hope  to many more families across the globe. If you know someone who needs support, or would like to volunteer your time or money towards the cause, please contact us.

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